July 29, 2021 Blog

A New Quadruple UHV Feedthrough | Glass-Metal Bonding | Outgassing & Purity

Metall-Glas-verklebte vierfache UHV-Durchführung

We developed a new quadruple UHV feedthrough for single or multimode fiber applications. Using direct glass-metal joining makes it possible to deliver feedthroughs without any unnecessary welds, resulting in no virtual leaks. The same joining also provides for unprecedented integration and ensures unique high-performance functionality. The result is the most advanced feedthrough, in terms of outgassing and purity, as well as functionality and reliability.

Glass and ceramics can directly be bonded with various metal types that we routinely process, e.g. Tungsten, Molybdenum, Platinum, Nickel, SS, Aluminum, Titanium. This allows us to produce diverse types of hermetic connectors, such as sub-D, Harting power connectors, LEMO signal, coax and high voltage, as well as various optical fiber types. Within the same footprint, connector types can be changed, and new combinations supplied to match individual requests.

Depending on specifications, the functionality is guaranteed for temperatures from cryogenic to more than 500 degrees Celsius, without degradation and in other harsh and high-pressure environments. Our solutions are used by leading OEM’s in the semiconductor market, including lithography and advanced analytical systems such as electron microscopes.

The LouwersHanique engineers have accrued boundless know-how regarding the optimization of matching materials, given the various expansion coefficients, viscosity and joining temperatures. Various technologies are applied, such as direct joining, soldering, and thermo-compression.
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