UHV and Pressure Components

High-pressure & vacuum components, for the most demanding industries. Our automated production processes ensure stringent quality and performance criteria.

Stringent quality and performance criteria

High-pressure and vacuum components can often be found in a range of processes. For example, where airborne contaminants and particles need to be carefully managed or eliminated. All stringent quality and performance criteria can be met with our extensive test and measurement infrastructure and clean room facilities.

Understanding market requirements

Today’s use of high-pressure & vacuum components has grown considerably as different industries have evolved to take advantage of the benefits offered by these technologies. Having produced components for customers primarily involved in Industrial & Energy and Semiconductors, LouwersHanique understands many of the criteria that surround these pressure-dependent applications.

Cleanliness is the key

Along with precision engineering and understanding the challenges of both high and low pressures, LouwersHanique has several in-house cleanrooms and cleaning lines ensuring we can clean and pack products to your desired specifications.

Typical solutions

  • Rupture disks
  • Glass barrier plugs
  • Pressure disks

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