LouwersHanique can co-design and manufacture specific 3D structures in glass and ceramics with the smallest possible geometries.

In-depth knowledge of various micro-assembly techniques

Ever since the first Lab-on-a-Chip developments, micro-assemblies have become an innovation focal point. We now see everything from micro lenses, filters, prisms and couplers to a whole host of unique 3D micro-structures and micro-fluidic channels. Brought together in extremely small dimensions they can create multiple sensor types and even column parts and assemblies for e-beam systems. As a company continually pushing technology limits, LouwersHanique is actively involved in developing many of the required production processes.

Zooming in on system miniaturization

As Industry 4.0 and IoT developments push technical innovation, complete systems are being miniaturized. By building complex 3D microstructures on a range of materials, designers can let their imaginations run free when it comes to visualizing the latest high-tech products.

Pushing the boundaries of possibility

Creating micro-structures is only possible by using both traditional and cutting-edge processes including 3D printing, Selective Laser Etching structuring and Filament cutting. At LouwersHanique we not only produce numerous micro-assemblies, but have been helping develop some of the cutting-edge processes needed to realize them. By combining these technologies and processes under one roof, ensures we can consistently meet the exacting tolerances demanded by our customers. From semiconductor & microelectronics right through to medical devices.

Typical solutions

  • Gas sensors, gas chromatography, oxygen sensors, optical sensors, lithography sensors
  • Optical and conductive coatings
  • 3D micro-channels, mixers, microstructures, cochleas
  • Housings, glass encapsulation, process components
  • Reticles parts, pellicle components, support ring, micro-lenses, endoscopy

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