We deal with the thermal and mechanical processing of different types of glass

Shaping the future with
technical precision

LouwersHanique stands for quality

LouwersHanique is an internationally strong, widely oriented and leading chain partner in the field of total integrated solutions in respect of technical glass and advanced ceramics. We are globally active in a great variety of applications for various high-tech industries. We offer concept development and advice, fundamental research and regular series production.

LouwersHanique is ISO9001:2015 certified and meets all the relevant European environmental legislation such as RoHS and REACH. Furthermore, LouwersHanique considers ethics, norms and standards of paramount importance and conforms to all the accepted Codes of Conduct, including EICC guidelines in respect of Conflict Minerals.

As we only wish to offer our customers the highest quality and reliability, LouwersHanique operates according to the principles of World Class Manufacturing. Quality, on-time, every time. This is what our customers expect of us, and this is what LouwersHanique delivers.

Our Copy Exact processes are mostly CNC- and SPC-controlled and always executed according to the Lean Manufacturing principles, including 5S, 8D, PDCA, continuous improvement and Six Sigma methodologies. In the field of cleanroom grade cleaning, qualification, and packaging, LouwersHanique boasts extensive Class 1.000 facilities and proficiency in UHV/Grade 2 cleaning processes as well as RGA qualification options.

LouwersHanique deals in the thermal processing of quartz glass

Our history

The history of LouwersHanique goes way back and consists of 2 merged companies; Louwers Glastechniek, established in 1961 by Tiny Louwers, and Pulles & Hanique, established by André Pulles and Jan Hanique in 1950. These companies specialized in the processing of glass, quartz, technical ceramics and joining techniques that include glass-metal joints. The competencies of Louwers and Pulles & Hanique appeared highly complementary and synergetic. For this reason, the companies merged in 2012 to form LouwersHanique, led by Eduard Biekens and Sjoerd van den Cruijsem. LouwersHanique has one location with three operating facilities and a workforce of more than 145 employees in total.

The expertise and competencies of LouwersHanique include the following:

  • A very wide range of precision technologies for the processing of technical glass materials and advanced ceramics. These technologies include state-of-the-art CNC processing technologies combined with all types of surface treatments, coatings and joining techniques
  • ​Unique joining technologies for special glass-glass, glass-ceramics, ceramics-ceramics, glass-metal and ceramics-metal combinations. These technologies allow for the production of unique material combinations for sensor parts, electrical feedthroughs, etc
  • High-quality thermal processing of all types of technical glass materials, such as quartz glass and borosilicate glass. With world class craftsmanship on the one hand and fully automated SPC-directed series processes on the other
  • Full R&D and engineering support during all the phases of the product's life cycle. From concept development up to and including series production and re-engineering


Here, the primary focus is on high value, high quality and high tech markets and applications, in particular in Europe and North America. Our customers and partners are often leading machine manufacturers (OEMs) or system suppliers operating in one of the following markets:

  • semiconductors: micro-lithography, Front-End, and Back-End of Line Processing, Wafer Inspection, Wafer Metrology
  • optoelectronics and laser applications
  • analytical and sensor applications
  • (bio)medical, pharmaceutical and (bio)chemical applications
  • traditional and alternative energy sources: offshore oil, solar, nuclear, fuel cells, etc

‘Shaping the future with technical precision' is our company motto. It stands for our passion and enthusiasm when working with glass, ceramics and all types of special material combinations, to achieve unique total solutions with a maximum added value and functionality together with our customers. Moreover, all this while keeping the continuously increasing demands in the fields of tolerances, quality, and reliability in mind.