Modular Feedthroughs

Modular Feedthroughs

Our modular feedthroughs use unique joining technology that offers electrical and optical connectivity in ultra-high vacuum applications.

Feedthroughs for the most extreme environmental conditions

One of the most critical yet often overlooked components in any system where probes, sensors, electrodes, wires and other types of static elements need to pass through a pressure or environmental boundary, are feedthroughs. These need to provide a seal often under the most extreme environmental conditions. LouwersHanique’s unique joining technology and the application of preferred materials and material combinations ensures functionality can be guaranteed for temperatures ranging from cryogenic to more than 500 °C , without degradation. Contact our engineering team for further specifications.

Why use glass and ceramics in feedthroughs

Metals are often the first-choice materials when it comes to ultra-high vacuum applications, especially feedthroughs. However, when dealing with cryogenic or high temperatures, high vacuums, and aggressive chemicals, only metal is often not enough. As the technology progresses so do the demands and needs for more advanced solutions. As a result, joining, and bonding technologies become increasingly more important. Glass-to-metal and ceramics-to-metal bonds can be used to achieve deeper vacuum and cope with a wider range of expansion coefficients than metals alone.

Joining technologies for high-performance components

Thanks to years of experience, our engineers have accrued boundless know-how regarding the optimization of matching materials including various expansion coefficients, viscosity and joining temperatures. Direct bonding of glass with various types of metal delivers unprecedented integration and unique high-performance functionality. Ensuring a perfect join that meets the highest demands for Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) and Ultra Clean Vacuum (UCV) systems. This enables us to manufacture custom-made feedthroughs for almost any application, including electrical feedthroughs, optical and high voltage feedthroughs.

The ultimate modular feedthroughs

Our high quality and customer-specific electrical and optical products provide customers with the ultimate feedthrough in terms of outgassing and purity as well as functionality and reliability. Even for the most demanding applications including micro-lithography, electron microscopes and highly demanding offshore solutions and non-magnetic products.

Typical solutions

  • Many connector types are available - sub-D, Harting, LEMO and optical fiber
  • Almost any combination is possible on a custom basis – from low-noise coaxial to high power, high voltage, optical, CAT6, multiple fiber feedthrough, etc.

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