Critical glass and ceramic components at the heart of your system

Critical glass and ceramic components at the heart of your system

Total solutions in glass and ceramics

LouwersHanique is a customer driven supplier that processes technical glass, ceramics and other special material combinations. With more than 70 years of experience in working on complex, high precision solutions for high tech companies, we make your technical challenge our priority.

From development to full scale production, assembly and ultra-high vacuum cleaning and qualification. LouwersHanique is able to provide a full scale in-house production solution and can serve as a knowledge and production partner to your R&D and engineering team.

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We develop unique material and technology combinations to find the optimal integrated solution.

By utilizing the unique characteristics of glass and ceramics, we are able to create synergies that maximize and safeguard the performance of a product to such an extent that it creates a unique competitive advantage for our customers and their application. The custom made components that LouwersHanique processes typically play a vital role in a product or system.


Processing glass, ceramics and other unique materials is our core business. Developing unique production processes according to world class manufacturing principles is how we ensure consistent quality.

In doing so, we constantly adopt new technologies. By applying world class manufacturing systems in combination with the latest state-of-the-art technology LouwersHanique is able to meet the most demanding customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery time and cost.

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We offer a full range of services throughout the life cycle of a project, from co-development, design review, machining, assembly, UHV cleaning to volume production.

330 Satisfied clients
17 Countries of operation
74 Years of experience
50 Annual turnover €/million