We offer a range of joining processes that deliver extremely high quality and are suitable for advanced precision assemblies and sub(systems).

Extremely high-quality, clean precision assemblies

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After thermal, mechanical or laser processing of sensors and feedthroughs, LouwersHanique can arrange for precision assembly of glass or ceramic components. Our expertise is centered around joining glass-glass, glass-ceramic, glass-metal, ceramic-ceramics, ceramics-metal and specifically reticles-optical elements. This can be achieved through various joining techniques, such as monolithic direct bonding, precision glueing and high-quality glass joining.

Joining technology

Many dissimilar materials and parts are joined together through the application of various joining techniques. Depending on the final component, we assemble products and modules that meet the highest demands of ultra-high and ultra-clean vacuum applications. Therefore, it is essential to perform these processes in high level and critical cleanroom assembly environments. This is essential for many of the semiconductor components we produce but can be applied to any product.

Ideal for feedthroughs

Direct glass-metal joinings are ideal for producing modular and customized feedthroughs. The process allows for unprecedented integration and a unique high-performance functionality while ensuring there are no unnecessary connections and therefore no virtual leaks. A wide range of metals and alloys are possible including tungsten, molybdenum, aluminium, titanium, platinum, fernico, nickel and stainless steel. The result is the ultimate feedthrough, with respect to outgassing and purity as well as functionality and reliability.

Featured services

  • Monolithic direct bonding
  • Precision glueing
  • High-quality glass joining
  • Mechanical assembly based on (monolithic) feedthroughs

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