Laser Processing

Combining the latest laser machining technologies enables LouwersHanique to manufacture highly complex glass assemblies and microstructures.

Selective Laser-Induced 3-dimensional etching (SLE)

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Fused silica and borosilicate offer fantastic optical, thermal and chemically stable properties which help increase performance at the micro-scale. Selective laser-induced 3-dimensional etching opens up a multitude of possibilities and unique product features. This enables customers to integrate a host of optical, mechanical and fluidic functionalities. And combined with various joining, processing and integration processes it simplifies the creation of highly complex 3D microstructures and components.

Generate complex 3D microstructures

The Selective Laser-induced Etching (SLE) concept was originally developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and can be applied to borosilicate glass, synthetic quartz, sapphire among others. It combines the power and accuracy of femtosecond pulsed laser technology with precision etching technology and special surface finish technologies. Unlike additive 3d printing, selective Laser-induced Etching, creates structures inside glass via a femtosecond pulsed laser, to consequently remove these via chemical processing. Unique structures with extreme aspect ratios can be build this way.

Opening the way to micro-functionality

Ever since the first Lab-on-a-Chip developments, 3D microstructures have become increasingly common and complicated. From relatively simple nozzles and valves to complete micro-machined filters, mixing structures and gas dividers, the range of micro-mechanical structures grows almost daily. Regardless of where you are in your product development, LouwersHanique is happy to guide you through the possibilities and build the 3D structure at the heart of your design.

Featured services

  • Writing of optical patterns
  • Glass-to-glass encapsulation
  • Drilling and cutting on microscale
  • Polishing for surface treatment
  • 3D free-form manufacture

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