Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of LouwersHanique B.V. are in accordance with the Metaalunie
Please see the following link for the Terms and Conditions of the Metaalunie:
Terms & Conditions Metaalunie 2019

The GTC contains the following articles:

Article 1: Scope of application
Article 2: Offers
Article 3: Confidentiality
Article 4: Advice and information provided
Article 5: Delivery time/implementation period
Article 6: Delivery and risk transfer
Article 7: Price changes
Article 8: Force majeure
Article 9: Scope of the work
Article 10: Contract extras
Article 11: Implementation of the work
Article 12: Delivery of the work
Article 13: Liability
Article 14: Guarantee and other claims
Article 15: Obligation to complain
Article 16: Failure to take possession of goods
Article 17: Payment
Article 18: Securities
Article 19: Intellectual property rights
Article 20: Assignment of rights or obligations
Article 21: Cancellation or termination of the agreement
Article 22: Applicable law and competent court