Our History

Our History

With over 70 years of innovation in the production of glass and ceramic components and assemblies, LouwersHanique has a rich company history.

Evolution of glass work

The glassmaking can be dated back as far as thousand years before Christ. As time went by innovative processes allowed for better glass blowing and shaping. In the 4th century Romans started making their infamous cage cups, Roman luxury glass, its creation leaves many scientists astonished up to this day. Nowadays technology allows for creating far more complex items. Thanks to that glass plays a vital role in the applications that aid technology, society and go as far as saving lives. The automation of glass production results in scalable and reproducible production processes when compared to traditional glassblowing methods.

70 years of glass and ceramics

Glassworking is often seen as a specialist craft-based skill, companies requiring industrial glass and ceramic components would often have their own in-house departments or small and medium-sized local suppliers. As our name suggests, LouwersHanique was formed by the merger of two specialized companies back in 2012 – bringing together a wealth of skill and experience in precision glass and ceramic production. A knowledge and skill base that has recently been expanded upon, as LouwersHanique became part of Muon Group in 2021. Allowing LouwersHanique to play a much more substantial role in the high-tech industry.

An extensive history of glass processing

The name LouwersHanique consists of Louwers Glastechniek (established by Tiny Louwers in 1961) and Pulles & Hanique (established by André Pulles and Jan Hanique in 1950). As specialists in the processing of glass, quartz, technical ceramics and joining techniques that include glass-metal joints there was clear synergies between the two companies. So as industry demands rose, the two companies merged in 2012 under the leadership of Eduard Biekens and Sjoerd van den Cruijsem.