Analytical and Life Science

Analytical and Life Science

Supplying industrial and scientific glassware for decades, LouwersHanique also helps Analytical and Life Sciences customers with advanced micro-assemblies.

Active in the analytical market since the 1950s

LouwersHanique has been active in the analytical market since the 1950s, working with the world’s leading pharmaceutical and analytical companies. Supplying them with laboratory instruments used to analyze organic and inorganic materials. Recently more and more companies in the analytical market are focused on plant-based proteins and investigating and understanding pandemic viruses.

Traditional thermal processing to process-driven production

The market and the requirements for scientific glassware have gradually evolved and the highly dynamic analytical and life sciences market is now characterized by its continuous drive for innovation. Time-to-market for applications has become more critical than ever given greater regulatory approval requirements and higher data volumes. At the same time, the need for accuracy, quality, and miniaturization has increased significantly.

Creating 3D microstructures using Selective Laser-induced Etching

LouwersHanique anticipated the trend towards miniaturization by employing an innovative technique called selective laser-induced etching (SLE). This enables us to make 3D microstructures in fused silica (quartz) and borosilicate glass. These materials are very resistant to acids and bases, making them very suitable for the analytical and life science markets. Combining SLE with other technologies enables us to manufacture a wide range of custom components, such as optical waveguides, CO2 laser devices and analytical instruments such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy (ICP) torches.

Fully automated Copy Exact manufacturing

The continuous and consistent use of Copy Exact and World Class Manufacturing principles, enables LouwersHanique to achieve tolerances and quality levels that cannot be achieved with traditional craftsmanship. Our vast experience of thermal processing, in combination with the latest technologies, ensure that we meet the most demanding requirements in terms of accuracy and consistent quality supported by SPC.

Typical applications

  • Scientific Glassware
    Glass columns, glass inserts, glass carriers, measuring cells, stopcocks
  • Pharmaceutical Process Equipment
    Glass reactors & vessels, bioreactors, cartridges, barrels, filling bells
  • Measurement Equipment
    Optical sensors, gas sensors, gas chromatography, oxygen sensors
  • Analytical Instrumentation
    ICP torches, injectors

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