Thermal Processing

Our latest glass processing technologies and automated machinery enable us to manufacture glass products of the highest quality and accuracy.

Thermal processing with extreme precision

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From glass columns, special screw threads and joints to glass housings and large single wall vessels up to a diameter of 240 mm. Process-driven production and the continuous application of Copy Exact principles and SPC production enable LouwersHanique to consistently achieve the highest tolerances and quality levels. With the combination of the latest technologies and skilled craftsmanship, we are able to take on technical challenges that were previously considered inconceivable.

Designed for your application

Glass and ceramics materials are carefully chosen based on the desired properties for a given application. In this way, you will always get the optimal material with respect to temperature properties, purity, optical transmission, expansion coefficient, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. Product-specific mechanization, automation, and tooling are primarily developed in-house and entirely in line with your specific demands.

The starting point is quality materials

LouwersHanique has long-standing strategic collaborations with all the leading glass and ceramics material producers. Ensuring availability of all glass materials including borosilicate and quartz glass, in a variety of differing qualities and gradations.

Borosilicate glass is commonly applied in analytical and synthetic applications in the analytical and biochemical industries because of its unique chemical resistance, auto split ability, optical transparency, biochemical compatibility, and thermal shock resistance.

Alternatively, quartz glass is used where there is demand for very high purities, UV transmission, chemical resistance or temperature resistance. For example in semiconductors, optoelectronics and air and water disinfection.

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  • Filament cutting
  • Thermal forming
  • Thermal joining
  • Laser cutting

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