Our People

Our People

With a dedicated workforce of more than 170 technical experts, LouwersHanique truly has a world-class team focused on quality and driven by your ambition.

Our people are driven by your ambition

Behind every extremely accurate technical component we produce, is a team of highly skilled and innovation-driven people. The unique knowledge and skills of processing glass and ceramics are what make our employees unique. We foster the development of new skills, knowledge, and technologies, to produce components of quality and precision levels that surpass your expectations.

A world-class team

World-class manufacturing is only possible with world-class employees. At LouwersHanique we have such a dedicated workforce of more than 170 experts. A team that is not only focused on getting the job done to the highest standards but is driven to find solutions exceeding the expectations of our clients. Among other things we achieve this by only working together with the suppliers with the same mission; loyal suppliers who actively contribute to the intended result and go the extra mile where others don’t.

Committed to quality

The company was founded on an endless passion for glass and quality. As new the markets evolved so did our equipment and the way of working, but the commitment to quality and innovation remained untouched by those changes. To ensure consistency in high quality and repeatability we constantly adopt new techniques, technologies and improve individual processes. At LouwersHanique we also believe in meaningful collaborations. Only by working together are we able to realize ground-breaking ideas that help you come up with a perfect solution.