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Dutch Photonics Event 2023 | Wageningen University and Research (WUR) | Netherlands

Dutch Photonics Event 2023 - LouwersHanique - Wageningen University and Research (WUR)

We are thrilled to announce that on the 20th of September LouwersHanique will exhibit at the Dutch Photonics Event at Wageningen University and Research (WUR).

About Dutch Photonics Event 2023

The annual Dutch Photonics Event focuses on the latest innovations in photonics, optics, and integrated photonics.

Since photonics is increasingly being used and integrated into agri-food (one of the main exports of the Netherlands), WUR (Wageningen University and Research) is a globally influential life sciences and agricultural research centre. WUR is a perfect location to dig deeper into this matter.

But, as the event slogan is “Something for Everyone”, there will be more exciting topics to discover.

On 20 September, the participants of the Dutch Photonics Event will be able to meet the Netherlands’ best photonics, optics, and integrated photonics experts, during the exhibition, conference, networking moments, and more.

Our Expertise in Photonics

LouwersHanique is an expert in manufacturing technical solutions in glass and ceramics. We are specialized in laser assisted micromachining (SLE) and thermal forming of quartz, borosilicate and technical ceramics (such as aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, silicon, and Macor). The company activities also include the bonding and (clean room) assembly of unique material combinations based on an extensive range of bonding and integration technologies. We manufacture precision parts such as mixers, microfluidic devices, optical fiber parts and other materials that enable to power of light.

Save the date!

Meet us the 20th of September at Dutch Photonics Event. For more details about the event, please visit

We are looking forward to seeing you!