LouwersHanique makes use of various joining technologies
LouwersHanique has a great variety of machinery available for any requirements you may have in respect of the processing of technical glass
LouwersHanique mechanically processes technical glass, quartz glass and technical ceramics

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Advanced technologies in the fields of ceramics and glass processing

LouwersHanique has offered high quality and advanced total-solutions with respect of technical glass, ceramics and special material combinations for more than 70 years. As our customer, you can benefit greatly from our vast knowledge and experience at the highest quality level.

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World Class Manufacturing

LouwersHanique is located in the heart of the Brainport region Eindhoven and has a workforce of more than 150 employees. We boast more than 70 years of knowledge, experience, and tradition. Our customers benefit greatly from our vast knowledge and experience in the field of World Class Manufacturing. Our customers include leading high-tech companies that are in need of innovative total solutions with respect of technical glass, advanced technology or special material combinations. Moreover, everything, of course, at the highest international quality level. We have acquired a particularly strong position in the high-tech markets of semiconductors, optoelectronics, pharmacy and (bio)chemistry, medical equipment, analytics, and energy.

All the activities of LouwersHanique are based on intrinsic passion, ambition and the drive to achieve the highest possible level of process-directed, SPC-controlled and continuously improved production. Unique combinations of materials and technologies lead to the creation of products with a high added value and unique functionality. All this helps our customers achieve the best possible position in their markets.

LouwersHanique is continuously investing in the development of the latest technologies and ground-breaking production processes, equipment, special infrastructure, measurement devices and next generation cleaning, qualification and packaging systems. In all this, we not only meet today’s highest requirements but also those of tomorrow and well into the future.

Mechanical processing processes

CNC grinding, polishing and cleaning

Our mechanical processing processes include the very precise 5-axis CNC lathe grinding and milling, lapping and polishing. These capabilities ae complemented with CNC-controlled and high precision dicing processes and robot-driven product and tool changers. All our processes are optimized for the very accurate, controlled and repetitive processing of glass materials and technical ceramics, that are typically applied in mechatronics, optoelectronics, and semiconductors. All of this comes with cleanroom grade cleaning, qualification and packaging processes at the highest level. 

LouwersHanique is experienced in the most advanced technologies for processing technical glass

Laser machining

Ablation and selective laser etching

Complex Microstructures and fine structures, in particular, can be manufactured from quartz and sapphire with the aid of selective laser-induced etching processes (SLE). In respect of possibilities, this technology strongly resembles 3D printing and additive manufacturing. It combines the power and accuracy of femtosecond pulsed laser technology with precision etching technology and special surface finish technologies. Unique structures and functionalities can be built in this manner, combined with high-end cleaning, metrology, and qualification.

For 60 years, LouwersHanique has only utilized the very best of technologies, such as thermal processing and laser machining

Joining technology

Assembly. Joining, Assembling, and Gluing

LouwersHanique utilizes a broad range of joining technologies. Using these technologies, the unique joining of both similar and different types of materials are achieved. The range varies from monolithic joining (fusion, Van der Waals joining, ion bonding) to glass, frit, soldering or glue joining.  This enables glass-glass, ceramics-ceramics, glass-ceramics, glass-metal and ceramics-metal joints that all have unique qualities. Used for sensor parts and high quality electrical and optical feedthroughs. By using special glass-metal joining techniques, we can manufacture products and modules that meet the highest demands in the field of ultra-high and ultra-clean vacuum applications. Here, the joining is done mostly by CNC-programmed pick&place powered positioning systems.

LouwersHanique has processed technical and quartz glass for over 60 years

Thermal processing

Scientific glassblowing

The combination of world-class craftsmanship and unique knowledge and experience in process development and management places LouwersHanique in a leading position in the field of the thermal processing of technical glass materials. The activities in this discipline vary from concept development and single piece prototype production to a fully SPC-directed series production based on Six Sigma and Copy Exact principles.

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