LouwersHanique is the market leader in the fields of technical glass and thermal processing

Shaping the future with
technical precision

Specialist in the thermal processing of technical glass

Our very extensive and advanced facilities, in combination with the latest glass processing technologies and production machines, enable our qualified specialists to manufacture glass products of the highest quality and accuracy.

Specialist in technical glass technologies for more than 60 years

LouwersHanique offers its customers the complete spectrum; from concept developments, single piece prototype and pilot production to the fully automated Copy Exact series production based on SPC-direction and quality assurance. The product specific mechanization, automation, and tooling are mostly developed in-house and entirely in line with your specific demands.

The continuous and consistent application of Copy Exact and SPC-directed production technologies enables LouwersHanique to achieve tolerances and quality levels that were previously inconceivable with the application of standard and traditional thermal processing of technical glass.

Do you require the thermal processing of glass? LouwersHanique will gladly take care of it

LouwersHanique specializes in:

  • Thermal and mechanical processing of large size objects, such as single and double walled glass vessels
  • Thermal and mechanical precision processing of small size objects, such as lids, columns or glass columns, special screw threads and joints, lamp sets, glass housings, etc
Do you require the thermal processing of glass? LouwersHanique will gladly take care of it

High-quality thermal processing of quartz materials;

  • Manufacturing of traditional glass instruments
  • Thermal calibration technologies
  • Thermal resizing technologies
  • Thermal polishing technologies
  • High precision vacuum forming
LouwersHanique is continuously developing its expertise to provide you with the latest technologies in the field of quartz glass processing

Glass for thermal processing

LouwersHanique is specialized in the thermal processing of a wide range of high-quality glass materials including borosilicate glass (Pyrex, Duran), AR glass and quartz glass of all possible qualities, from market leaders such as Schott and Heraeus, among others. The material is carefully chosen and always in keeping with the specific wishes and application of the customer.

In this way, you will always get the optimal material with respect to temperature properties, purity, optical transmission, expansion coefficient, mechanical strength and chemical resistance.

The most common glass materials are borosilicate 3.3 and quartz glass and are available in greatly differing qualities and gradations.

Borosilicate glass is applied mostly in analytical and synthetic applications in the analytical and biochemical industries because of its unique chemical resistance, auto split ability, optical transparency, biochemical compatibility and thermal shock resistance.

Quartz glass is used mostly for special applications. If the demand is for very high purities, UV transmission, chemical resistance or temperature resistance; then quartz glass is the most obvious choice. Quartz glass is used in the semiconductor industry, the optoelectronics industry, the lamp industry and water treatment plants, among others.

LouwersHanique has entered into strategic collaborations with all the leading glass material producers.