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The mechanical processing of quartz glass, technical glass, and ceramics

LouwersHanique has very extensive and highly advanced machinery. We use these to mechanically process technical glass, quartz glass and technical ceramics at a high level.

The processing of your technical glass or ceramics

Whether it is about precision grinding, lapping, polishing or ultrasonic processing, LouwersHanique has mastered the most advanced technologies to meet the highest of demands where accuracy, finishing and purity are concerned. Not only for today's applications but also tomorrow's demands.

  • CNC grinding (cylindrical, flat and centerless grinding)
  • CNC precision dicing
  • CNC laser machining
  • CNC ultrasonic processing
  • CNC lapping and polishing
  • CMP polishing (chemical mechanical polishing)
  • etching technologies
  • micro-sandblasting
  • micro-surface technologies

The existing infrastructure including grade 2 cleaning and qualification, cleanroom assembly, the most advanced CNC production and measurement equipment, not forgetting the extensive and deep knowledge of our engineering team, have ensured that renowned OEM customers from the optoelectronics and semiconductor industries have genuinely felt at home with LouwersHanique for years.


  • analytical instruments
  • systems for the semiconductor industry
  • medical systems
  • mechatronic systems
  • air and water purification
  • petrochemicals
  • sensors
  • solar
  • OLED
Total technical glass solutions? That's what LouwersHanique is all about

Technical Glass

When developing glass components and products, the material properties required for the application must be carefully selected. Thanks to the many years of experience and the vast knowledge of different types of materials, LouwersHanique can always advise the customer as to the best material or material combination for the customer’s application. 

Technical glass comes in a large number of varieties, and each type has specific chemical and physical properties. The most important properties are:

  • chemical resistance
  • thermal expansion coefficient
  • optical transmission
  • operating temperature
  • mechanical strength

LouwersHanique has maintained relationships with most of the leading glass producers in the world for many years, including Schott Glass, Heraeus, and Philips. These relationships assure our customers that only the highest quality materials are utilized for their applications.  The most commonly used technical glass materials are:

Borosilicate glass
Borosilicate glass commonly used for analytical and (bio)chemical applications due to its chemical resistance, biochemical compatibility and thermal shock resistance. Borosilicate also includes many types of optical and display glass such as Borofloat 3.3, D263, AF45, B270, NBK7.

Quartz glass
Quartz glass is typically used for special applications. If the demand is for very high purities, UV transmission, chemical resistance or temperature resistance; then quartz glass is the most obvious choice. Quartz glass is used in the semiconductor industry, the optoelectronics industry, the lamp industry and water treatment plants, among others.

Soda lime glass
Also known as window glass, this type of glass is used for the production of technical glass with a lower iron content for solar applications, for example. 

Technical ceramics

LouwersHanique has acquired a strong position in various high-tech markets, such as semiconductor, biochemistry, and pharmacy

In over 60 years, LouwersHanique has managed to develop a unique core competency in the specific mechanical processing and joining technologies for advanced and high quality technical ceramic materials.

In the design of demanding components and products, and with respect to the choice of materials, the following properties of technical ceramics are of great importance.

  • temperature resistance
  • thermal expansion
  • chemical resistance
  • wear resistance
  • mechanical strength
  • electrical insulation or conduction

There are many different types of technical ceramics, and they all have many variants. Also, each type has its specific properties in respect of the abovementioned criteria.

In the Netherlands, LouwersHanique is one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of high quality and accurate processing of technical ceramics. Due to the many years of experience, and accrued knowledge and expertise regarding technical ceramics, LouwersHanique provides expert advice to our customers on the right type of ceramics always keeping the customer’s application(s) and associated specific requirements in mind.

LouwersHanique has maintained strategic relationships with leading ceramics producers all over the world for many years. These relationships ensure our customers that only the highest quality materials utilized in their applications.

The most important types of technical ceramics used are:

  • Aluminium oxide and sapphire [Al2O3]
  • Aluminium nitride [AIN]
  • Zircon oxide [ZrO2]
  • Silicon carbide [SiC, SiSiC, CVD SiC, C/SiC]
  • Silicon nitride [Si3N4]
  • Silicon [Si, Six]
  • Macor and Vitronite