LouwersHanique can manufacture complex microstructures with the aid of laser machining

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In-depth knowledge of various joining techniques

LouwersHanique has a unique in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience in the field of high-demanding and high precision combinations for a substantially wide range of high-tech applications.

LouwersHanique joins it together

Many dissimilar materials and parts are joined together through the application of various joining techniques, such as monolithic direct bonding, precision gluing and high-quality glass joining, and these processes are optionally performed in high level and critical cleanroom assembly environments. Obviously, these processes take place in very clean production areas. These processes include cleanroom grade cleaning, qualification, and packaging to arrive at all encompassing and ensured total solutions that can immediately be implemented by our customers.

The most common material combinations are:

  • glass – glass
  • glass – ceramics
  • glass – metal
  • ceramics – ceramics
  • ceramics – metal
  • reticles – optical elements (e.g. diffusers and lens elements)
LouwersHanique can offer a broad range of joining technologies

Ultra high vacuum feedthroughs

Our high quality and customer-specific electrical and optical feedthroughs assure our customers of the highest quality, robustness, and reliability. Even for their most demanding applications. Through the use of our unique joining technology and the application of preferred materials and material combinations, the highest demands for Ultra-High Vacuum (UHV) and Ultra Clean Vacuum (UCV) systems are met. Depending on the chosen materials and configuration, the functionality is guaranteed for temperatures from cryogenic up to 500 degrees Celsius, without degradation.

The applications are highly varied: from the most demanding next generation micro-lithography and electron microscopes to high-pressure applications, highly demanding offshore solutions and non-magnetic products. Even for the most aggressive environments and process conditions.

With the aid of direct glass-metal joinings, it is possible to realize feedthroughs without any unnecessary connections and, because of this, without virtual leaks. Direct glass-metal joining provides for unprecedented integration and a unique high-performance functionality. The result is the ultimate feedthrough, with respect to outgassing and purity as well as functionality and reliability.

Thanks to their experience of many years, the LouwersHanique engineers have accrued boundless know-how regarding the optimization of matching materials, given the various expansion coefficients, viscosity and joining temperatures. Various technologies are applied, such as direct joining, soldering, and thermo-compression. The direct bonding of glass with various types of metal (including Tungsten, Molybdenum, Fernico, Platinum, Nickel, SS, Aluminium, Titanium) are routinely processes. 

LouwersHanique specializes in the processing of various high-quality glass materials

Many connector types are available, such as sub-D, Harting, LEMO and optical fiber. Almost any combination is possible from low-noise coaxial to high power, high voltage, optical and more. These combinations are supplied on a custom basis.

It is our goal to make the life of our customers as easy as possible. From concept development to prototyping and from regular delivery to logistics management, including cleanroom grade cleaning, SPC process control, complete qualification and certification, state-of-the-art finishing and cleaning technology. These capabilities also include Helium leak testing, RGA qualifications, 3D measuring technologies, power measurements and white light interferometry.

The markets served by these solutions include the following: semiconductors, optoelectronics, analytics, sensors, energy (offshore and onshore extraction of gas and oil), medical equipment, microfluidics, and defense.